LCARS Website System

This is Version 2 of my LCARS website Template. I have moved away from the old design COMPLETELY rewrote everything. Using the jQuery javascript database we are now able to make a great looking LCARS style website simple.

More then just a Template this is a System.

About the System

It comes complete with simple to use styling, screen types, and button calls. It even has a few hidden elements (if you don't look at the source).

Along with this the system even has ERROR CODES. Go ahead and resize your web browser to a small resolution and refresh the page, see what happens.

If you refresh the page you'll notice that the numbers on the side change, this is because they're randomly generated and placed there. (they're always a 3 digit number).

About the Author

My name is Josh Messer, born in Cincinnati, Ohio. Grew up loving website design/development. I was looking around for a nice LCARS website page template and to my surpirse there wasn't one! So I thought, I not only want to make a LCARS template but I want to make it so you can have any style LCARS page you wont on it! So I developed this framework. I hope you find use for it on your site.
I love ASCII art so you'll find some hidden away in the system.
Thank you in advance!
Josh Messer

Written by Josh Messer